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Hello Gorgeous
If it has to do with websites, branding and business, I can help. I’ve been there – you don’t know where to start but:

  • you are an expert at what you do and know how important it is to look good especially online.
  • you are an entrepreneur or small business owner on a mission to change the world and help others with a product or service that is revolutionary, extraordinary, and unique.

This time you want a partner who will get YOU online with an authentic brand and website design that you are proud of.

I’m Rita and I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who desperately want a brand and website that is authentic to their business. I help them look and feel totally confident about their new brand so they can make more money and have more time to focus on what matters.

I have 15+ years of experience working directly with business owners to create a solution for their problems in the most efficient, cost effective way.

I’ve been designing for over eight years now. I really enjoy solving problems and analyzing what it takes to get the best results – layout, design, and consistency.

My clients regularly feel empowered after working with me. They feel proud of their new website and brand strategy that they are able to go out there and connect with confidence resulting in more money.

And when I’m not teaching and creating beautiful brands and websites, you can find me reading my next favorite book, hiking, at the beach, gym or cooking up something delicious and healthy eats for me, my husband and our two boys.


Some people start the process of building a website without knowing what they want to get out of it – like finding a solution before identifying a problem. Not having a goal with your website will lead to an incongruent brand identity. Whether trying to gain exposure or planning to sell products online, each of these goals requires a different type of website.

My strategy is to help my clients understand that a website is more than just a tool that serves your business, but it is a representation of who you are and needs to effectively represent what you do. I not only create you unique websites and branding, I teach my clients how to use their websites successfully.

I love creating brands + website designs for other entrepreneurs and small business owners that help them connect with their target audience and make more money in the process. Are you interested in working with me?

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