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If it has to do with websites, branding and business, I can help. I’ve been there – you don’t know where to start but:

  • you are an expert at what you do and know how important it is to look good especially online.
  • you are an entrepreneur or small business owner on a mission to change the world and help others with a product or service that is revolutionary, extraordinary, and unique.
  • you want a partner who will get YOU online with a brand and business that you are proud of.

I’m Rita and I work with entrepreneurs who desperately want a brand and business that is authentic to them. I help them look and feel completely confident about their new brand so they can make more money and have more time to focus on what matters.

My strategy is to help my clients understand that a website is more than just a tool that serves your business, but it is a representation of who you are and needs to effectively represent what you do. I not only create you unique a unique brand, I teach my clients how to successfully grow their business.

And when I’m not teaching and creating beautiful brands and websites, you can find me reading my next favorite book, hiking, in kickboxing or hot yoga class, or cooking up something delicious and healthy for me and my two boys.


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Born to a teenage mother who did what it took to raise five kids, I always wanted a better life. As the oldest, it was my responsibility to take care of my siblings while my mom would be at one of her many low paying jobs.

In my teenage years, I became a foster child who bounced around the system for a year before being put back in the home with my molester. I buried myself emotionally during that time until at the age of 16 we were able to finally flee from him permenantly.

At 17 years old, I left home and started to create a life for myself except I had no real resources to do anything so I built my life slowly from the ground up. My first jobs were in offices as administrative help. This worked well for me because I was always very organized and loved fixing things for people.

I started my first business at 20 years old with a friend and partner but it didn’t work out. It was such a lesson for me though. I realized that I was just not prepared for running that type of business but it only created a deep desire for freedom.

I met my husband when I was 25 and shortly after we drove across the country (from Ohio to California) with our two cars and two dogs to start a new life. I got another corporate job shortly after and was driving into Hollywood each morning. So glamorous.

The whole time I was working in corporate, I kept trying to figure out what type of business I would create next. Then it happened, I started another business with a family member but this one didn’t work out either. This short lived experience was another extraordinary learning lesson though.

And back to corporate I went.

All the while, I was trying to get pregnant. At that time, we had been wanting to have a baby for almost five years but my health insurance wouldn’t cover any fertility testing.

I used Google and research to get the tests that I thought I needed so I could have a baby. Most of the time my efforts ended in disappointment and frustration.

After working at several jobs that I felt were taking me nowhere fast, I thought real estate might be a good opportunity for me. The only thing was I didn’t have my license so instead I decided to find a job as the office manager so I could get experience from a high level.

Then the perfect opportunity opened up for me and they had the most amazing health insurance. Win. Win.

Less than a year there and the company decided to get a new website. I didn’t know how to design websites but I was really good at learning things. Once the website was finished, they taught me how to make changes on the back end.

During that time, I was learning Illustrator and Photoshop so I could help with the new marketing materials and every two weeks I would go for a fertility treatment.

The fertility doctor told me what was causing my very erratic menstrual cycles…PCOS. He put me on metformin and then I did two cycles of clomid. I was so used to false alarms that I didn’t think anything of my exhaustion.

And it hit me, I could be pregnant so after way too many pregnancy tests my doctor confirmed it finally happened.

The first time I heard my son’s heartbeat, tears ran down my face. Of course, I was the most paranoid pregnant woman and first time mom ever.

I used to hate dropping him off at the babysitter when I went back to work. I just wanted to be home with him so when I would have downtime I would teach myself how to make WordPress websites.

There was a lot of Googling, a lot of white screens of death, and a lot of trial and error but I was enjoying the process so, at that point, I was hooked even though I was studying for my real estate license too.

My gyno told me that after I had my son that my body would probably reset itself so 23 months after my first son was born, along came my second and my second c-section. This time, I was able to stay home with my boys for 18 months.

I got back in shape, cherished every moment with them and decided that my love of fitness was inspiring me to try to become a personal trainer. My time as a stay-at-home mom was running out though so I had to give up my personal training pursuits and go back to corporate.

And for a while the new job was great but then I became complacent. I did the only thing I could do while working full-time with two boys under five, I started working with web design clients on the side. It was amazing.

Then something happened that I can only consider kismet – my husband got laid off. When he lost his job, I realized this was my chance. I could finally start my business and we could start all over but it was going to take some drastic moves.

I realized we needed to leave California. It was just too expensive and there was no way, with two young boys, that we could stay. We put our exit plan in place and moved to Ohio.

The whole time thinking it was only temporary.
And it was.

Within two years we moved back to California but after one year me and the boys came back for a summer visit. This visit turned into something more permanent along with the impending divorce from my husband.

It has been a challenge but the most important thing for us is our boys so we are doing whatever it takes to make this new phase work for everyone. I have cherished our 16 years together and wouldn’t change it for anything. I am leaving with a best friend and two of the most amazing boys.

During the last four years, my life has taken some very serious changes that have really opened me up. I always tell people interested in entrepreneurship — if you have any issues, they will quickly rise to the surface.

My years of abuse and struggle held me back disguised as fear and impostor syndrome. I can honestly say that I have changed for the better all because I made that scary choice four years ago. And it has me thinking my life is crazy enough for a novel but I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my journey a little more.

If you would like to work with me, check out my services or if you would just like to learn more about branding, web design and online business, read my blog.

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